40 Brilliant Uses For Old Pillows

Instead of throwing your recent pillows away, why not place them to different innovative uses? look at these wonderful hacks to search out new uses for your recent however still helpful pillows.

1) Use recent Pillows as Stuffing for one more Pillow

One use for the stuffing within AN recent pillow is as extra stuffing for one more pillow that you simply own. This works nice for pillows that square measure simply commencing to lose their softness and may build them want new.

2) Compost recent Pillow Feather Stuffing

Feathers build an excellent composting material. So, rather than throwing your recent feather pillow directly into the trash, take away the feathers 1st. this can be far better for the setting, with the stuffing serving as chemical for the plants around your home.

3) Use recent Pillows to dam Air Drafts in Your Home

Place old, flat pillows ahead of a leaky door to prevent the air flow. you’ll be able to conjointly stuff your recent pillows into a bag and stuff it up a chimney respiratory disorder to chop off any drafts coming back from there.

4) Use recent Pillows once Moving

Save your recent pillows and you’ve got instant piece of furniture protectors subsequent time you’ve got to maneuver one thing. simply place the pillows in between piece of furniture and different things to stay them from rubbing along.

5) offer recent Pillows to Your Pet

Use AN recent pillow to form a snug bed for your pet. simply place a second hand pillow case on the recent pillow, or build your own victimization fleece material.

6) Use the Stuffing From recent Pillows to Line Your Pet’s Cage

Another use for AN recent pillow for your pets is to line very cheap of their cage with the stuffing. And albeit you would like to exchange it when it’s befouled, it will extend the utilization of the stuffing somewhat.

7) Use recent Pillows on Your Next Road Trip

Turn AN recent pillow into a road-trip pillow. The flatness of the pillow makes it excellent for fitting around seatbelts, permitting riders to sleep well whereas remaining safe.

8) Use recent Pillows as Insulation

Save your recent pillows for things after you want insulation in emergency things. things wherever you’ll be able to use recent pillows as insulation embrace around a quandary tank, your pipes on a chilly night, around your bath, and in your attic.

9) Use recent Pillows once operating round the House

Use AN recent pillow as a protective garment once operating within the yard, garden, or around your home. simply place the recent pillow on the laborious ground or surface before motion all the way down to do your work.

10) Use recent Pillows as Packing Materials

Use AN recent pillow to safeguard fragile things through the mail. Your choices embrace victimization the total pillow or removing and victimization the stuffing. It all depends on what quantity area you’ve got within the box.

11) gift recent Pillows to the Homeless

While your recent pillows won’t appear helpful to you, others UN agency square measure less lucky would possibly like to have them. If your recent pillows square measure still in tight form, gift them to a homeless shelter.

12) place 2 recent Pillows along

To extend the lifetime of your recent pillows, place 2 of them along once they get flat. this could provide you with a firmer pillow and permit you to increase the quality of recent pillows.

13) flip recent Pillows Into Rags

If you open your recent pillow and take away the stuffing to be used elsewhere, certify to stay the material. you’ll be able to slice the material into smaller sq. items and use them as rags for improvement around your home.

14) flip recent Pillows Into Floor Cushions

Another nice plan for your recent pillows is to show them into floor cushions. merely take 2 recent pillows and place them into a pre-made cushion cowl. as an alternative, build your own floor pillows victimization this concept from Homedit.

15) flip recent Pillows Into Throw Pillows

Another option for your recent pillows is to show them into throw pillows. merely compress the recent pillow by folding it in 0.5, sew the fold along, and add a cushion cowl.

16) Seal leaky Doors

If you’ve got a extended, old pillow, flip it into a draft blocker to place ahead of your doors. you’ll be able to conjointly pull out the stuffing from a smaller pillow and use it to stuff recent pillow cases cut and stitched into longer draft blockers, as found at Simplified Life mommy.

17) Use Stuffing for day Costumes

Another nice use for the stuffing in AN recent pillow is as material for creating a day costume. Pillow stuffing makes the right filler material for a pumpkin or elephant costume.

18) build Into Stuffed Animals and Dolls

You can conjointly use recent pillows to form stuffed animals. The stuffing material provides the right filler materials for dolls and stuffed animals made up of a range of materials, as well as recent shirts, socks, and pillowcases.

19) renew recent Stuffed Animals and Dolls

You can even use the stuffing material to form older stuffed animals smart as new once more. merely take away the stuffing and replace the recent compacted stuffing during a favorite doll or plush toy.

20) Use the Stuffing as pretend Snow

Use the stuffing as pretend snow for beneath your vacation tree or as a neighborhood of a DIY decoration throughout the vacations. positive|confirm|certify|ensure|make certain|check that} to visualize the stuffing to form sure it’s the proper color to be used as artificial snow before continuing.

21) Use the Stuffing in AN recent Bean Bag Chair

Refresh the obesity of your recent bag chair by stuffing it with recent pillow stuffing, or the whole pillow. Check to form certain that the fabric fits inside the bag 1st before gap the bag chair.

22) Use the Stuffing as packing in kitchen appliance Mitts and Pot Holders

If you’ve got AN recent pillow stuffed with hollow-fiber pillow stuffing, then use it because the packing in AN kitchen appliance mitt or pot holder. a pretty Mess offers a simple tutorial for creating your own kitchen appliance mitts and pot holders.

23) flip some of recent Pillows Into a Body Pillow

If you’ve got some recent pillows, either take away the stuffing to use within the longer body billow or sew them along and add a protracted pillow case.

24) Use as a Leg Pillow

You can conjointly use AN recent pillow to travel between or at a lower place your feet rather than beneath your head.

25) Place Outside for Nesting Material

If you’ve got birds around your home, take away the stuffing and place it outside somewhere to be used as nesting material. additionally, you’ll be able to cut the material of the pillow into small strips for the birds to use.

26) flip recent Pillows Into eating Chair Pads

Another nice use for AN recent pillow is to chop it in 0.5, take away roughly half the stuffing, so sew up the open finish. You currently have nice seat pads for chairs with a more durable surface, creating them more well-off. end by covering the new chair pads with chair covers.

27) flip AN recent Pillow Into a Foot Stool Cushion

Alternately, cut AN recent pillow to the dimensions of the highest of AN hard foot stool and fashion a cushioned cushion. Once bog down to size, sew closed the open finish, place on the foot stool, and canopy with cloth. Attach the material to the stool by taking a staple gun to the material beneath to secure it.

28) build AN recent Pillow Into a Bolster Pillow

Create your terribly own support, or bolster pillow, by rolling AN recent pillow into a cylinder. Next, secure it with ribbon, string, or cotton tape. Finally, place the rolled pillow into a DIY or boughten pillow case.

29) Use recent Pillows once habitation

Another different is to avoid wasting your recent pillows and take them with you after you go habitation. this protects you from having to use and presumably get dirty the pillows you unremarkably use.

30) renew for utilise

Instead of usage your recent pillows, strive refurbishing them 1st to check if you’ll be able to get extra mileage out of them. you’ll be able to notice the directions for rescuing your recent pillows at Mother Earth News.

31) flip recent Pillows Into a Floor Lounger

If you’ve got 5 recent pillows, flip them into a floor lounger by stitching pillow cases along. Then, merely insert the recent pillows to form one bolster.

32) Use Feather Stuffing once Planting

Place a skinny layer of feathers during a hole once planting strawberries or raspberries. The feathers give an excellent supply of atomic number 7 to assist your plants grow huge and powerful.

33) Use the Stuffing and Material in Craft comes

You can conjointly use the stuffing ANd cloth from an recent pillow to form a large form of craft projects.

34) Use to wash Up Spilled Oil

Save your recent pillows, and also the next time you’ve got a serious spill within the garage or yard, use the pillows to assist clean it up. simply certify to lose the now-contaminated pillows properly.

35) build Your Own bag Chair victimization the Stuffing From recent Pillows

The stuffing from AN recent pillow makes an ideal filler material once crafting a bag chair. look at these tutorials on HubPages to form your own bag chairs.

36) Use AN recent Pillow to form a tee shirt Pillow

Another nice project for the stuffing in AN recent pillow is to chop it up and build a pillow employing a favorite tee shirt. Then, stuff the filler into the pillow and stitch up the opening.

37) mix AN recent Pillow and a few recent Blue Jeans to form a Denim Pillow

You can conjointly take AN recent try of jeans and cut them up to use because the outer layer of a pillow. Then, merely stuff the denim pillow from AN recent pillow you’ve got egg laying around and stitch it closed.

38) mix recent Pillow Stuffing With a Towel to form a Neck Roll

Another option is to stitch some bathtub towels into a pillow. Next, stuff the bathtub towel pillow with the stuffing from AN recent pillow.

39) mix AN recent Pillow With a Sweater to form a Sweater Pillow

A great thanks to repurpose the stuffing in AN recent pillow is to use it to stuff a DIY sweater pillow. you’ll be able to find out how to form this snug pillow at Tidbits.

40) flip AN recent Pillow and a few cloth Into a Baby bag

This simple project needs you to chop some equal length cloth, folding over a part of it to form a touch pocket, so stuff the finished nap mat with stuffing from AN recent pillow.


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